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Business Pillars


Environmental, Social, and ANDERSONS Governance (ESG) highlights the pillars that are important to business today. ANDERSONS ESG refers to the set of metric standards for company operations that socially conscious investors use to screen their potential investments. Taking into consideration the intangible assets within the enterprise – corporate social credit score; increasing the percentage of future enterprise value.

ANDERSONS has an ongoing commitment to reducing its footprint on the environment. The way with which ANDERSONS’ ongoing intimate commitment with the environment is achieved by strict energy efficiency via solar farm and wind farms energising locations that may be out of reach both financially and geographically. The renewable energy ANDERSONS is building across the world, emits fewer GHG, are far less polluting and contribute to less climate change. With the practices, waste management transparency with environmental policies and responsible practices across value chain, such as no deforestation policies and animal welfare. Ongoing positive outcomes are already being seen these geographically and financially across challenged areas of decrease costs in energy to households and sites, resulting with improved profitability due to better energy efficiency.
ANDERSONS feels very strongly about the way people are treated and valued in business. With this philosophy at the forefront of their mind, ANDERSONS is about ensuring people have a supportive, encouraging workplace with equal rights and opportunities. ANDERSONS takes its social policies very seriously. Implementing a diversity and inclusion policy to ensure there is no type of discrimination. Safe healthy working conditions for all employees, labour standards across supply chains are guaranteed fair wages and human rights protection. Good relations with local communities who give a social license to Andersons to operate in their area. ANDERSONS records a high level of business productivity and employees’ morale; turnover is decreased, and reputational risks are better managed. It also gets easier to work without social pressure from stakeholders, as there’s social license to operate.
ANDERSONS is committed to making the responsibilities, rights and expectations of stakeholders clear so that interests are met and a consensus on a company’s long-term strategy is achieved.
Specific factors ANDERSONS analyses its governance is:
– Tax strategy
– Corporate risk management
– Executive compensation
– IDonations and political lobbying
– Corruption and bribery
– Board structure and brand independence
– Protecting shareholder interests
– Disclosing information on these topics

The effects of these policies can go from aligning shareholders interests with management to avoiding unpleasant financial surprises and having a better social acceptance as a result of wealth being distributed.

Battery Energy Storage for PV Time-shift and Grid Support

ANDERSONS supply and install battery solutions to provide time-shifting of PV solar input, and to allow grid-tie and four quadrant operation and grid support. Battery installations can be configured to accept input from both PV solar and from the grid, allowing an energy arbitrage facility.

Systems can be sized to suit any application, and can be selected to match any grid voltage and frequency. Installations typically include transformers and ring switches to match the required grid specifications.


Containerised Solutions: Utilising LGChem battery technology.

These containerised solutions are configurable in multiple arrangements, and can be expanded by adding additional cells, and by paralleling extra containerised arrangements. Containerised LGChem installations suit locations where there is ready crane / swing-lifter access, and where a fully pre-configured solution is required.


Modular Solutions: Utilising TESLA technology

These modular solutions are configurable to suit any application, and can be installed using small cranes, onto a preformed concrete pad.

Modules are preconfigured, and readily connect together for rapid commissioning.



ANDERSONS supply and install AlphaESS off-grid/microgrid solutions, to provide 100% energy independence, in regions that lack grid access.

A solar PV installation paired with a battery system can provide all or most of the required electricity consumption, and the addition of a backup generator can guarantee power supply during periods of prolonged bad weather.

ANDERSONS / AlphaESS solutions can also enable communities with multiple distributed energy resources to share energy with a microgrid. This type of interconnected “virtual power plant” is ideal for areas with no grid access or communities that want to disconnect from the network.